Sanctuary: Systems of the Modern Home

­Modern HomeSince time immemorial, houses fill a fundamental human need: shelter. According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, security ranks second. Houses contribute to satisfying this need. The shelter houses provide gives people security and safety from the weather, uninvited guests, and even the odd stray animal. But aside from the four walls and the roof, modern houses today have essential systems that make it a functional one by today’s civil engineering standards.

Those looking at houses with a keen eye for functionality, living amenities, comfort and convenience, here are some of the basics that need to be in order. For your Gold Coast home to be as homely as it can be, consider the following.

Heating and Ventilation

One of the comforts of living in a modern home is the control one has on the air temperature. During the hot Summer days, people will want to stay cool. For the cold biting Winter days, heating is a must. Temperature balance is a must for comfort for anyone. In any modern building, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) take care of this. To achieve temperature control, houses are outfitted with equipment such as air conditioners, thermostats, furnaces, exhaust fans, heaters and the like. House heating and cooling makes life more comfortable in the house. Having the necessary HVAC arrangements ensures you have the luxury of hot showers or cool air any day of the year.


Plumbing is another critical component of any home. The plumbing layout manages the circulation and flow of fluids in and out of the house. Gas pipes dictate the flow of liquefied petroleum gas into the kitchen used for cooking on gas ranges while water pipes direct water to your bathroom, kitchen sink, garden hose, and everything else in between. The plumbing makes sure there is water when you turn on the faucet, and that you can flush the toilet after you are done.

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In the modern age, human society – especially those in highly urbanized areas – has come to heavily depend on electricity for power. It powers people’s appliances, gadgets, homes and other effects. This said, fitting a house with power lines is an obvious requisite if you ever hope to call it a modern home. An established electric layout in a house affords the many comforts of modern life such as lighting, electric water heating, the internet, and many other luxuries.

For modern houses to provide their inhabitants with comforts and amenities, it has to have the fundamental systems for it. This is the checklist for any house.