Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: When Your Diet Bids Gluten Adieu

New Gluten-Free LifestyleYou know it yourself: you can’t imagine a life without gluten. But when your health calls for a drastic change–one without gluten–the shift can be devastating.

Discovering you are allergic to gluten is frustrating. For the sake of your health, your doctor will offer a list of foods to avoid, which often include your guilty pleasures. It’s what you need but you don’t know how to survive the following days or months without these delicious treats and snacks.

But your transition to a gluten-free lifestyle is not all gloom and doom. In fact, you can make it fun and interesting.

One Day Cheat Day

A pity party before the drastic change is permissible. Before you welcome your new diet with open arms, it’s okay to treat yourself to a one day cheat day. Just make sure that your doctor knows about it.

Some of your favorite treats will make an exit from your everyday menu. Buy the ones you’ll miss the most and indulge yourself for just a day. Remember, it’s okay to feel sad about the drastic change. Allow yourself to process the new shift in your life as you eat your favorite foods.

Baby Steps in Eliminating Gluten

You can’t stay trapped in the arms of gluten forever. You need not jump in instantly; baby steps are the way to go.

Look at your current menu and find ways to cut off the gluten. For example,, provider of gluten-free foods, suggests replacing breads in sandwiches with lettuce. You can also have breakfast burritos with corn tortillas instead. Since breads and other carbohydrate-filled products have gluten, it’s best to switch to vegetables for healthier alternatives.

Fill your sweet tooth with gluten-free snacks without compromise. Treat yourself to a wide variety of ice creams, exotic chocolates, and candies without the gluten.

Be Creative with Meals

Your new diet is your chance to be creative. Since you emptied your menu of some items, it’s time to consider alternatives and mix them up. Search the Internet for meal options and let your imagination run wild with you.

Gluten-free diets aren’t the end of the world. Rather than wallow forever, own your new lifestyle. You’ll be surprised with the joys zero gluten has for you.