Homeowners and Home & Garden Care Professionals Meet at the 2015 Home and Garden Show

Home and GardenOn March 29, Southern Tier Home Builders and Remodelers Association held their highly-anticipated Home and Garden Expo at the Binghamton University Events Center. This motivated many locals to attend and learn a thing or two about gardening and homecare ideas straight from professionals.

After winter wreaked havoc in most homes this year, many homeowners are looking forward to the spring season so they return to their gardening. According to guests, the expo was just the push they needed to get back on track.

Home and Garden Businesses in Bloom

In the show, about 160 booths and 100 vendors turned up. The vendors were a mix of remodelers and contractors who all offered home and garden grooming advice, devices and services.

“When you have a regular maintenance program or an upgrade program for your house you’re going to see the value of your home not only maintain, but in all likelihood, improve your house over the course of the years,” said Southern Tier Home Builders and Remodelers Association President Jim Trevitt.

A total of 5,000 locals and tourists attended the event.

“This year was the worst” 

The 2015 Home and Garden Show thrilled many homeowners with some gardening and home repair ideas to counter the damages caused by the harsh winter. This opened possibilities for many attendees hoping to fix affected parts of their homes and lawn, especially on roofs.

Ice and snow were particularly bad this year, said one organization. Many houses were still suffering from broken shingles and run-down front stairs.

According to Jeremy Sager, President of JKS Home Improvement, 2015 brought the worst winter damages in residential properties since the blizzard of 1993.

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A New Beginning

With so many families desperate for assistance to restore their homes, a team of professionals from JKS Home Improvement took it upon themselves to help the community manage the damages brought on by the snow storm.  At the Home and Garden Show, the organization gave out information about specific guidelines and techniques for repair and management.

“This year there was a big problem with ice dams. So they’re wanting to know why they’re having leaking inside and what causes the ice dams and how to fix that. The biggest thing is they want to keep the edges of the roof always clean with a roof rake or making sure you have the best roofing system so you don’t have to do that,” said Jeremy Sager.

Professionals from JKS Home Improvement advised the audience to replace their gutters once they observe any dripping from the ice and snow.

Although winter has gone by, experts suggest that homeowners still keep an eye out for issues in their houses and get them fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damages.