Home Swimming Pool Safety and Maintenance Advice

Pool FenceAn in-ground swimming pool is the stuff of dreams for many homeowners. There are many considerations before you can have one. First, there’s the space; you need enough space for a pool to fit. Then there’s the question of cost, from the initial price tag to the maintenance. You also have to deal with zoning laws.

Still, many people dream of having their own pool. And why not? Endless swimming parties even without having to leave home do have their appeal.

If you are one of the lucky ones who already have a pool, or are planning to buy a house with one, here’s some advice to keep your pool safe and fun.

Fence it in

If you’re one of those wealthy people who love to spend their lives alone, you probably don’t have to worry about fencing your pool. But if you’re like everyone else who has a family and a pet, you want your pool to be a safe area for them. Install a pool fence; DIY or otherwise, a fence will keep little kids and pets away from the danger of falling in and drowning. It will also protect your pool from stray animals and neighborhood kids who might be tempted to crash it.

Cover it

To keep leaves out of the water, and to double the safety that your fence provides, you may also buy a pool cover. If you have the budget, have an automatic retractable hard cover installed. Aside from keeping it safe for kids, pets, and elderly family members, a cover will also keep the pool clean for a longer time.

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Clean it

You probably need a regular pool guy now to keep the water clean. This includes taking out the leaves and branches (maybe the occasional stuffed animal or toy truck) and treating the water to keep it clean and the pH safe for swimming. You will eventually learn a lot of tips and tricks concerning pool water and surfaces. Buy one of those automatic pool cleaners or robots to reduce the need to manually do the cleaning.

A pool will give you countless hours of fun with friends and family. But it does take some work to keep it sanitary and safe.