Home Foundation Repair: Signs to Watch out For

Foundation Repair in a HomeMore often than not, homeowners opt for repairs and renovations when they see parts of their homes in bad shape. Usually, once signs start showing, significant damage has already been existing. This is the reason why a lot of homeowners often end up spending more than they should. Do not be one of them.

The key to avoiding this is to be observant of things that people do not usually inspect, like your home foundation. Yes, they are not meant to be there forever, and there are tell-tale signs that suggest you need to call a concrete foundation repair company in Denver to help you.

Signs Your Home Foundation Needs Repair

1. Visible cracks

Cracks inside and outside your home are never normal. They might look as harmless as a hairline crack, but usually, they are one of the most visible signs that there is a problem with your home’s foundation. Natural movements of the earth, as well as the wear and age of the concrete, can cause such cracks.

2. Doors and windows won’t shut properly

Again, because of natural movements or deterioration of your home’s foundation, doors and windows that once fit perfectly in their frames will suddenly be hard to close or open. Simple solutions of adjusting screws and scrapping wood might work, but it will not solve the cause of the problem.

3. Uneven floor

Sagging beams and joints will lead to uneven floors. This can be checked with the use of a marble or a measuring tape. If your floor is uneven, do not waste time and seek professional help immediately.

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4. Wet basement

Basements are often notoriously known for being smelly and musty. However, not all basements are like this. An old basement that has foundation problems will have water leakage, allowing dampness and moisture to seep in, thus, creating such environment.

Do you suspect that your home’s foundation needs repair? Watch out for these signs and seek professional help immediately.