High Electricity Bill: A Reason to Fix Water Heaters

Water HeatersYou may have done your part to reduce your household’s water heating expenses and water consumption, such as insulating the tank and the pipes, as well as getting low-flow fixtures. Nonetheless, these tactics are of little value to you if the water heating system itself is faulty or malfunctioning.

Common problems of water heaters that cause high energy costs

Of all the issues with water heaters, the most common is a system that does not produce water with the right temperature. Another is a heater that takes a lot longer to deliver hot water. Many consumers also report of fluctuating temperatures with their water heating systems.

All these problems lead to an increase in energy consumption, resulting in higher electricity bills. This is due to the natural response of people dealing with faulty equipment: turn the thermostat higher. As the technicians of All Hours Plumbing SLC note, the higher you set the thermostat setting or the longer you have the heater turned on, the more energy it uses.

Faulty heaters waste more than just energy

Malfunctioning water heaters are more than just energy-wasters; they also contribute to another large problem – water wastage. This is particularly true for inefficient systems, which need more time to warm up the water.

To give you a general idea of just how much water these broken devices waste, consider this:

For every 10-minute shower, you use roughly 50 gallons of water. This means 5 gallons of water per minute going down the drain. If you need to wait for two minutes before you can jump in the shower due to your faulty heater, you have already wasted 10 gallons. That’s 3,650 gallons of wasted water every year – and this is only for a single person.

Prompt repairs save energy, water, and money

A lot goes to waste with bad water heaters. Once you experience issues with your system, contact a water heating repair company right away. This way, you can put a stop to spikes in your energy and water bills.