Drain Cleaning Methods You May Have Overlooked

Drain Cleaning expert in ProvoWhen the kitchen sink starts to stink and the water refuses to flow, a drain cleaning company is your best bet for an effective remedy. Here are some of the interventions professional plumbers may resort to after a cursory inspection.

Sometimes, the solution to the problem is right under your nose. You’d realize later on you overlooked these simple solutions.

Check the trap and drain it

Every drain system has hotspots — areas where clogs tend to form more than others. The curved sections of the pipelines are especially prone to blockage. If you pour all sorts of stuff into the sink, the trap underneath accumulates debris. The trap underneath the sink is a U-shaped section of the drainpipe. Experienced plumbers will ask you whether you have tried to loosen the slip nuts and emptied the trap contents. You probably did not realize you can do this. With a plumber’s wrench, your local drain cleaning expert in Provo, goglover.com, will loosen the nuts, empty the contents into a bucket placed under the trap, and solve the problem.

Usually, this is all that’s required to get the water flowing again unless the pipeline is blocked elsewhere. The plumber will fish around for gunk, and more often than not, the pipes will hold a considerable amount of debris.

Check the disposer

When you have been using a garbage disposer for quite a while, it might be the key to your drainage problem. Before you take out the plunger or pour chemicals into the sink, check the disposer first.

When you call for professional intervention, the plumber will check the disposer. You might be surprised when, after listening to its humming, the plumber declares the disposer itself is clogged. In some cases, there is really nothing wrong with the pipes. As soon as the plumber restores the garbage disposer to working order the water will start flowing.

If you observe measures to prevent a blockage from forming again the drainage system is unlikely to pose problems. Ask your plumber for tips on how to keep the pipes clog-free.