Do Not Underestimate the Damage That Mold Growth Can Do to Your Home

Mold Growth in a House in Salt Lake CityWhile the presence of mold does not make an area too toxic to be habitable, mold growth can pose a real threat to health. Mycotoxins produced by molds and mildew are health hazards. They can lead to allergic reactions, or initiate potentially serious respiratory illness with prolonged exposure.

Spotting Mold

Every damp place in the house is a potential spot for the growth of fungi. Grout lines that darken are already infested. While it can also be just a dirty area, you have to consider testing it to be sure. A few drops of bleach will reveal the presence of these microorganisms. If the blackened area on the tile grout lightens after a few moments, then it is not just plain dirt anymore.

The Mold Triangle

Air, food, and moisture — these are the three elements fungi, such as mold, requires growing. Moisture and air are necessary for survival. For food, they use the dust and wood of the walls of your home. Where all three are always present, the microorganisms will thrive. Even the slightest amount of moisture suffices. Removing one side of the mold triangle stops their growth and prevents them from spreading. All water damage restoration experts know this. You should know this too, especially if you want to prevent the problem from spreading.

The Rot and Damage that Follows

When left to fend for itself, parts of your home with mold infestation can rot. Walls that are perpetually damp are easily damaged since the roots dig deep into the wood and break it at the molecular level. The damage can easily get out of hand. To keep it in control, it's best to consult experts in mold damage in Utah for help. 

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Never underestimate the damage that could follow residential fungal infestation. Once identified, removing them immediately from the premises should always be a priority. Do not let your home become a breeding ground for potentially harmful microorganisms. Get professional help before the problem gets out of hand.