DIY Guide for Garage Door Maintenance

Maintaining a Garage Door in Salt Lake CityThe garage door is one of the most frequently used parts of any home; thus prone to wear and tear. Homeowners need to perform regular maintenance procedures to keep it safe and in good condition for the next few decades. Though you can DIY the regular maintenance, occasional checking and maintenance by a professional is necessary.  Experts recommend  annual professional check-up and regular DIY maintenance procedures.

  • Hardware inspection

An average garage door in Salt Lake City home moves more than ten times a day, thus, the hardware is prone to getting loose. Monthly inspection of a garage door should include tightening any loose bolts, nuts and roller brackets. While at it, look for signs of wear and tear of any garage parts. Homeowners can quickly perform minor repairs like roller replacement and the tightening of nuts and bolts; however, for more complex procedures, be sure to get the help of a professional technician.

  • Lubricate of moving parts

A greased up garage door adds years of seamless operation. As such, be sure to apply spray-on lubricants on the garage door hinges and chains (on either side of the door) at least every year. White lithium grease lubricant works best on most garage doors, but it should be applied sparingly to avoid dirt buildup.

  • Balance tests

A properly balanced garage door doesn’t work up the door opener and is less likely to cause injuries. Regular balance test, say once every month, should help you assess how well balanced the garage door is. Disengage the door opener and pull the opener release handle at least halfway. A well-balanced garage door should hold halfway without assistance. If the door springs are tensed up, the door rides back up. If they are loose, the door will quickly close. It is more advisable to engage an expert to adjust the spring as it’s dangerous.

  • Groom the garage door

Check wooden doors for warping and chipped paint and repaint them. Steel garage doors are prone to rust thus need to be sanded, primed and repainted.

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Simple maintenance procedures prolong the life of a garage door. The best part is, most maintenance procedures are DIY methods that don’t require a professional technician. These include hardware inspection, lubrication, balance tests and repainting.