Cost-Effective Ways to Extend Your HVAC Unit’s Life

HVAC MaintenanceAllowing your HVAC system to go without maintenance can create a chain of interrelated problems. These issues not only shorten the service life of your HVAC system, but it can affect the working conditions in offices and cause a serious slowdown the business flow inside the building.

Calling in HVAC specialist only when the unit has broken down is a very big mistake as commercial AC repair cost can be staggering compared to the small fee for annual air conditioning maintenance and checkups.

Call Only Qualified Technicians

In Draper, only a certified HVAC commercial air conditioning specialist and no one else should be allowed to look into this very expensive piece of equipment because of their experience and expertise in the field. If you allow an unqualified technician to tamper with a malfunctioning unit, then you and your HVAC system are at the losing end of the bargain.

Air Filters

Air filters should be replaced every time an air conditioning specialist performs maintenance services to improve air flow, lower the HVAC’s energy consumption, and extend the lifespan of the unit’s compressor.

Belt and Pulley Systems

Aging or loose pulley systems in the unit can consume a lot of energy by allowing lower air flow levels. An incorrectly adjusted system belt can cause a malfunction in the unit’s motors and bearings.


An air conditioning specialist will see to it that motor and blower bearings are lubricated so energy consumption is minimized and the unit’s components are running smoothly. Bearings that are regularly lubricated can extend the service life of the unit and prevent costly repairs.

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Traps, Pipings and Drain Pans

Traps, pipings and condensate drain pans that are dirty, obstructed, or have a large build-up of debris can result in water leakage, damage other parts of the system and may require a more expensive repair.


An incorrectly set thermostat can result in uncomfortable indoor temperature levels, increased energy consumption due to extended running periods, and reduced overall efficiency in the unit’s operation.

Regular HVAC maintenance ensures that your unit gets serviced on a regular basis. Likewise, you should see to it that your filters are clean and your system’s air flow free from dirt and clutter. It is a small effort that will give you big savings over time.