Chain Mesh Fencing: The Fencing of All Trades

Mesh FenceChain mesh fencing is also known as chain link fencing or cyclone or hurricane fencing because of its ability to resist strong winds and extreme durability. It is made of interlocking, woven steel wire, supported by steel posts cemented into the ground. This type of steel fencing is widely popular because it can be utilised for different purposes, which include the following:

  • Security

Chain mesh fencing may be used for building a protective barrier around commercial, industrial or residential properties. The height of the fence will depend on your specific needs; you can also choose to install extra deterrents like barbed wire for preventing easy access to your property.

  • Safety

Chain link fences are also great options for parks or playgrounds, most especially for those close to busy streets or areas where kids might run into an accident when running, or chasing a ball for instance. It is also ideal for sectioning spaces such as dividing a basketball court and baseball field.

  • Containing Pets

Due to their extreme durability, chain mesh fences are perfect for containing different types of animals, whether in a residential or more rural setting. It can also be used for dog kennels and dog parks or for separating play spaces for smaller and bigger dogs.

  • Temporary Fencing

Due to their straightforward and fuss-free design, chain link fences can be used as temporary fencing. This is because their support base can be uninstalled fast, with the fence itself being easily packed away and transported to various locations. Temporary chain mesh fences are typically used in construction sites, concert grounds and fairgrounds.

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Prior to installing your chain mesh fencing, consult your local council for specific fencing requirements and policies. You should also get a building permit if local laws require it. Also, consult with the utility company to make sure you won’t accidentally damage underground utility lines when you have you fence installed. In addition, check if your area has particular policies for height restrictions.