Buying a New Furnace? Here’s What you Should Consider

Man Fixing a Home Furnace in Salt Lake CityMany homeowners know little about their furnaces, especially if they moved into a house that had a furnace already installed. When it comes to buying their second furnace, they only rush to contact any HVAC contractor. This may end up costing you hundreds of dollars just to get a furnace that will keep your house warm.

How do you choose the right furnace based on your heating needs? Here are some things to consider when shopping for a new furnace:


The Salt Lake City furnace installers of says, buying an oversized furnace may cost you more to operate than a correctly-sized furnace. Oversized furnaces run on and off often, and this consumes more energy and ends up on your monthly bills. Have an experienced HVAC contractor do a load calculation, as this considers the size of your house, insulation value of your walls, roof and windows, and other things to correctly determine furnace capacity. Do this even if you’re replacing an old furnace.

Energy efficiency

Furnaces have a rating that describes the amount of heat they emit, or the annual fuel utilization efficiency. If you have 80% annual fuel utilization efficiency, this means your furnace converts that amount of the supplied fuel into heat.

Expect to pay a bit more for high-efficiency furnaces as opposed to low-efficiency furnaces. Nonetheless, the investment pays off, as your monthly operating costs become lower even with the same amount of heat. Depending on your climate, the availability of rebates, and the period of living in the home, furnace efficiency may differ.


Do not pay exaggerated prices for a furnace. Always have a budget and shop only for what you can afford. Ask HVAC professionals for recommendations on units based on your budget.

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Always hire furnace contractors to install your heating unit. Never attempt to do it on your own, as you may end up exposing you and your family to potential fire hazards.