Building a Small Garden Farm: What you Need

Garden FarmRecently moved to a new home with a really spacious backyard? Thinking of securing your yard against trespassers? In securing and dressing up the backyard, you need a specific plan on how you want your landscape.

Or how about turning that space into something more fruitful? Like having your own vegetable patch or garden farm?

Designing a Mini Garden Farm

The backyard is a good place to relax or have a BBQ on weekends, it is also a good space to play with the dogs. Or if you have a green thumb, you can turn a big enough yard into a small garden farm to grow fresh produce. But in designing this space, it is good to know first the appropriate materials needed to achieve the garden farm you are envisioning.

Here are some things to consider; list them down:

  • DO YOUR RESEARCH. There are city and neighbourhood rules to consider before making your plan. Is garden farming allowed in your zone, and what are the required permits for it?
  • TO FENCE OR NOT TO FENCE – Building a fence around your garden farm is important to protect it from stray animals. But you should also check the zoning rule on this to avoid problems in the future.
  • MATERIALS. What material should you use to build the fences? Factors to consider include durability, aesthetics, and the climate. You may consult a farm fencing services company so you can find the right design and make that will match your purpose.
  • SOIL TYPE. It is important to classify the type of your soil to make sure that it has the right nutrients for your chosen vegetable plants or fruit-bearing trees.
  • GARDEN STYLE. In planning your garden farm, it is good to consider how it will affect the  exterior style of your house to have a well-landscaped property.

One of the factors to avoid is rushing to planting without a plan. Starting your own garden farm is harder than it looks. You need a lot of patience, acquiring farming skills and a love for what you do.

When it comes to the fence, it is good to be open with your neighbours about your fencing plans to avoid blocking their own views. In preparing to fence your yard, make an informed decision so that your choice will fit the needs of your farm, your family and your lifestyle. Good landscape design is really important for homeowners who want to spend more peaceful and quality time in their own garden farm.