What Does Washington’s Law Say about Car Accidents?

Car AccidentWashington observes a purely comparative negligence assessment when determining damages from car accidents. That means that you may still be liable even if you did not cause the situation.

Comparing Faults

An attorney specializing in auto accident cases in Kent, for instance, may advise you about the chances of receiving higher compensation for your damages. Legal counsel will be necessary for convincing an insurance adjuster and a judge or jury that the amount you desire reflect the injuries you sustained from the accident.

In case you were the one who mostly caused the incident, there is still a chance of pursuing damages. However, remember that it may not be quite substantial. You would also have to pay for the other person’s losses, so make sure that your insurance covers such scenarios. Washington might not be as strict as other states if the accident occurred because of a speeding violation.

Speeding Violations

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speed-related collisions cost more than $40 billion of losses each year. The amount likely includes damages for lost lives and property. In Virginia, the state arguably has the harshest punishment on reckless driving. Violators could pay up to $2,500 and spend up to one year in jail. Convicted offenders may even lose their licenses for six months. The same offense in Washington may not carry an equally expensive fine, but that does not mean that you could afford to break the law.

Before you file for a personal injury lawsuit, you should be objective in gauging how much of the accident stemmed from your own actions. This can be difficult to do so, especially if you believe that it was not your fault. A personal injury attorney would then be helpful in guiding you to the right process of obtaining fair and reasonable compensation.