This Is How Hard Water Affects You

photo of a plumber installing a water softenerHard water can cause multiple problems for a building’s plumbing system and harm humans, pets, and plants. Water purifiers or water softeners remove calcium magnesium and other minerals through the use of a mineral and brine tank to dilute these solutions and elements causing hard water.

These systems work by attracting and removing troublesome particles in the water using magnetic currents or sodium, and usually, they come with water softener replacements to treat the hard water. To further understand hard water here’s a quick review about hard water.

What’s in Hard Water?

Substances like lead and plastic can end up contaminating tap water and make it unfit for people to drink, but these aren’t the only contaminants in water that can lead to problems.

Natural minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, and calcium which could be in small concentrations in regular tap water (even more so if there are bodies of water near your location), are harmless for people to consume, but it may end up causing trouble with pipes and plumbing.

What happens when there is Buildup in the Plumbing System

The elements that make hard water can slow the water flow through the pipe system by building up.

The elements mentioned before can accumulate in the water heater, shower, and plumbing, which can end up causing bigger problems later if the water is left untreated. Limestone and chalk are also produced by hard water which could damage the outside of the pipes.

How hard water affects hair, skin, and clothes

The particles of calcium, magnesium, and zinc in hard water can leave traces in your skin and hair when you shower. This can cause your hair to feel dry, frizzy and brittle.

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The same goes for your skin, which can even become itchy, dry, and irritated since the minerals in Hard Water rid the skin and hair of its natural oils. The fibers in fabric react in a similar way to these elements, becoming stiff, wrinkly and colors may become duller because of the minerals.

To keep your house and body away from the harmful elements in hard water, it is recommended that you use a purifying system or water softener.

There are many models and different types of purifiers that can change the quality of your water and come with their water softener replacements to keep water running clear and clean.