Swimming Pool Maintenance: Dealing With a Storm

StormStorms in Brisbane are unpredictable and your pool can turn into a mess without warning. Dust storms accompanied by rain and strong winds are an ugly combination because they introduce dust, debris and all sorts of pollutants into the pool. Swimming pool renovations can have a big impact on your monthly budget, so it makes sense to reduce damages as much as possible.

Here are a few things you can do to reduce the effects of a storm on your outdoor pool:

Before the Storm

Did you get a storm warning? You can do many things to prepare your pool for the oncoming storm. Avoid draining the pool water at all costs. The weight of the pool water plays the critical role of keeping the pool grounded. Stormy weather, especially if extended, can raise the water table and lift everything in its path. This is the time to remove the pool cover. Tree branches and heavy debris may fall on it and cause irreparable damage. Sometimes, the storm may be so severe that you need to switch off all the power to the pool. Finally, secure all loose items around the pool or store them indoors. Such items include pool toys, furniture, grilling equipment and potted plants.

After the Storm

Draining the pool is equally bad after the storm. The rising water table can cause untold damage to the pool. First, test the pool water chemical concentration. Nitrogen may also have found its way into the pool. A chemical imbalance in the pool can be unsafe because it can cause pool finish and fittings. Next, remove debris from the water. Check the filter and pumps for any flooding before switching the power back. Most importantly, you should keep the filtration system working for several hours daily to bring back the sanitization levels.

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Storms in Brisbane can come unannounced or send warning signals. Either way, when Mother Nature strikes, the best one can do is to reduce the risks. Applying the tips shared here can minimise storm damage on your Brisbane pool.