Practical Party Favors for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Group Of Families Celebrating Child's Birthday At HomeBirthday parties are a joy to plan and a great way to boost your child’s self-esteem, which will serve him as he grows up to a well-rounded young adult. Customarily expected in children’s parties are loot bags or party favors that children can take home when the party is over. Traditionally given as a gesture of thanks for the attendance, these items have become pre-requisites in most children’s parties.

Common party favors comprise of affordable toys and sugary snacks, but you don’t need to conform to this convention. Here are some practical loot bag ideas that won’t go straight to the rubbish bin after the party.

Summer Kit

If your child’s birthday falls on the summer or before summer, you can put together a summer kit to give away as party favors. You can create a simple summer essentials kit in a small beach or pool compatible bag, such as a see-through PVC bag or a quick-dry mesh bag. Pack in a small inflatable pool toy for the little ones to enjoy on a day at the beach or waterpark.

Include straw cowboy hats for girls and boys to complete their summer looks. For sun protection, be sure to include a travel-sized bottle of sunblock and a small towel. The parents will surely thank you for this.

Back-to-School Kit

If your child’s party occurs sometime at the end of the summer break and a summer kit is no longer useful, you can prepare a back-to-school kit to help children and parents prepare for the upcoming school year. If your budget permits, the loot bag can be in the form of a lunch box or backpack to be used in school.

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Include other essentials, such as crayons and writing pads, so parents will have fewer items to buy. But don’t forget to pack in some entertaining activity books or coloring pads, which children can enjoy as well.

You don’t need to conform to the expectation of handing out cheap plastic toys and processed sweets that quickly become rubbish and promote dental decay. Give away practical favors in your child’s birthday party and be sure to win the hearts of the parents and children.