No Summer Indoors: Cold Breeze In, Heat Out

Window TreatmentSummer is just around the corner. While many are getting ready to enjoy the sun, some prefer to stay indoors and save themselves from the heat. It may be fun to do outdoor activities like picnics, but when it comes to your house, it should be cool at all times. After all, your house is your refuge from the sweltering heat of the summer. You do not want it to be as hot as it is outside.

Keeping your house cool during summer might be difficult, especially if you want to save on electricity. You can do other things at home, however, to lessen the heat. Here are some suggestions:


The majority of heat that's in your home is from the sun. The sunlight heats up everything it touches, so you need to have a good amount of shade indoors. Installing fabric Roman blinds or any other window treatment can help control light while keeping your interiors looking elegant. What's great with blinds is that it allows you to control the coverage of shade. This allows you to block the sun, while allowing air to enter through your open windows.

Ice Fans

Buy ice or make some using an icemaker. Put blocks of ice in a bowl and place it in front of the fan. This can change the temperature of the wind, giving off a cool breeze. While it does not have the strength of an air conditioning unit, it is enough to keep a small area cool for hours. Use it in places where you plan to stay, like the living room when watching television.

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Fighting indoor heat should not be a challenge if you know how to make the most out of what you have at home. Try these suggestions now and see for yourself.