Nature’s Box of Christmas Decorations: Holiday Plants for Your Home

Christmas DecorationsOne of the most anticipated seasons is coming soon: Christmas. With the holidays just around the corner, holiday preparations are beginning.

Dullness is not an option for your home this Christmas. Brighten things up with the old standby: colourful lights, candy canes, mistletoes and other decorations. Of course, the holidays are not complete without the presence of colourful Christmas plants.

With a number to choose from, which plants should you add to your home for that festive holiday feel?


Everyone is familiar with the traditional Christmas poinsettia. This festive plant is often the main attraction of homes during the season. Apart from its red colour, poinsettias also come in different hues like white, pink, yellow and mauve. Also available are dyeing and spray-painted poinsettias, a local garden centre, considers poinsettias as the must-have for the holidays. The plant’s bright shades perfectly compliment the Christmas colours, which are red, white and green.

Considering poinsettias for your home? Proper care starts when you first purchase your plant from nurseries or garden centres. Poinsettias are not meant for the cold; it is important to wrap them up before exposing them to cold winds.

Christmas Cacti

Initially, Christmas and cacti do not mix since the combination offers an image of desert Christmas. However, the Holiday or Christmas cacti are also traditional must-haves for this season. These jungle cacti come in bright colours, such as red, pink and white; on rare occasions, you can also find them in golden-orange. Unlike the poinsettia, this plant does not have leaves. It has flattened stemmed segments instead.


You can buy amaryllis at any stage of its development but it is more fun if you grow it from a bulb. Most amaryllis bulbs come in pots complete with growing instructions. Once you start watering these plants, expect them to grow into magnificent blooms.

This Christmas, decorate your home with the most beautiful holiday plants to get in the spirit. Do not miss the holiday cheer—start decorating with nature’s box of Christmas adornments.