Natural Stone Tiles and How Sealers can Protect them from Damage

Natural Stone TilesQuarried stones possess great qualities that set them apart. These natural materials undergo processing to become limestone, slate, granite, marble, onyx and travertine tiles used in floors and walls. They are durable and attractive, with varied colours, textures and grains to satisfy different design requirements.

Penetrating versus coating solutions

There are two categories of sealers. Penetrating (impregnator) products have the capability to protect tiles from below the surface. They are breathable. The impregnator types protect the tiles from both oil and water-based liquids. Then there’s the coating sealer which should only be used in porous natural stone. If your objective is to protect stone tiles from stains, you should go for penetrating sealers.

What sealers do for your tiles?

Stone sealers improve the ability of natural stone tiles to resist stains and odours. When natural stone absorbs liquids, the stains could remain and ruin the stone surface. With sealing resins coating the stone, however, there’s a repellent layer to resists spills and stains. The best products can resist oil and grease. They also make the tile easier to clean and maintain.

An expert from Miracle Sealants explains that impregnating slate sealer still allows vapours and moisture to escape at the microscopic level. This quality makes the premium products stand out from low-quality products. When applying the product, don't neglect the grout. Just make sure the grout lines are clean prior to application. Check first whether your tiles have epoxy grout because this type does not require sealing. Similarly, glazed tiles do not require sealing.

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What sealing products can’t do for your tiles?

You must realise that sealers work from underneath the surface and cannot prevent abrasion, pitting and scratching, which are likely to happen in high traffic areas. These products protect, but they are not similar to waterproofing solutions.

Although quarried stone manufactured into tiles have a natural resistance to erosion, they still need protection, especially when the tiles are installed in high-traffic areas of the house. Before buying any product to protect tile floors from stains, learn about their properties first.