Makeovers Done Right: Is Your Home Ready for a Repainting?

PaintingWhen was the last time you had your home painted? The faded colours and peeled paint are enough evidence that it was eons ago. If you look at the paint closely, you may even find some damages in the structure.

As soon as these signs start appearing, you had better start repainting. After all, you want your home to regain its beauty and appeal. Moreover, the new coat will protect your home’s underlying structure from the elements.

Before you start repainting your home, consider the following factors:

Scope of Work

The painters of Gavin Chan Decorators Ltd. always recommend considering the extent of the painting job. Do you need to repaint the entire house or just portions of it? Do the project step-by-step; start with the exteriors work your way to the interiors. It is also more prudent to focus on a specific area to paint.

The scope of the paintwork will have an impact on your budget and the overall convenience of the project for your household. This will help you determine the quantity of paint you need, which, in turn, may affect the choice of paint colours.

Paint Colour

Are you going to use same colour as before? Do you plan to use a different swatch for your interiors? Choosing the right colour can be a bit difficult, especially if you are undecided with the combinations. The best way to go about this is to consider the overall design of your home – from the shape of the roof to the size of the interiors.

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Type of Paint

The type of paint will depend on where you will be applying it. Certain paints have different textures, which can serve as an added effect for your home design. Nonetheless, always go for quality paint — one that will last for a long time and does not require re-coating.

Repainting your home might sound easier than it actually is. Once you go wrong with the paint, you may need to start again. It might be more prudent to let the experts handle the paintwork. This way, you can ensure quality workmanship.