Easy Fix to Broken Pipes with Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining in San DiegoThere is perhaps nothing more disturbing than smelling stink that emanates from your sewer pipes. You may have already checked the water trap and other possible sources of the foul odor. This made you realize that you may need to dig up the entire sewer line just to have it replaced. While you can just call for San Diego plumbing service to the digging and all that work, you might as well want to learn about this more cost-effective and equally durable way of fixing that sewer line.
Many plumbing companies have used the process of pipe relining for several decades now. It is a cost-effective, easy to perform, and relatively long-term solution to any underground pipe leak problems. In the building and construction industry, it is known as a cured-in-place pipe.

Pipe relining involves the insertion of a highly flexible lining material on the inner surface of the pipe, inverted by using air or water pressure, and then cured in place by using steam, ultraviolet light, or hot water. The result is a durable lining in the inner walls of the pipe, sealing any breaks in the integrity, and preventing any leaks.

What are the Advantages of Pipe Relining?

For starters, you do not have to dig the entire sewer line or pipeline. This significantly reduces both the cost and the amount of work that you will incur for the pipe repair. You will only need to dig a small access hole in which to reach the affected section of your pipe. If this is near an existing manhole, then you don’t have to dig anything.
The entire length of time that you will reline your pipe is greatly dependent on the diameter of the pipe as well as the method of curing that you will use. Typically, it can range anywhere from an hour up to 30 hours.

Are there Limitations to Pipe Relining?

Unfortunately, its strengths can also be its weakness. As it is highly dependent on the diameter of the damaged pipe, you may need to have it custom-made especially for your pipe. Furthermore, the curing methods require careful monitoring and evaluation so that they do not go under- or over- the recommended cured state. In addition, since the liner needs to be onto the inner wall of your pipe, if your pipe has a large gaping hole, it will be useless placing the liner.

Pipe relining is a easy and relatively quick fix to broken pipes. As long as the breaks are not large, it will be an excellent method to consider when providing a quick fix to your leaks.