Bamboo Bed Sheets Helps Prevent Prickly Heat Rash

Bamboo Sheets to Prevent RashesPrickly heat rash or miliaria rubra is a common skin affliction that appears as red, blister-like rashes. It usually appears on the neck, chest, back, inside elbow creases, shoulders, and face. It is very itchy and feels as prickly as sunburn. Although it’s usually children who have them, adults can also develop prickly heat rash.

Like with all skin conditions, it’s better to avoid getting prickly heat rash than deal with the discomfort and treat it. Using the right bed sheets is one way to do so. And Bamboo bed sheets would be an excellent choice. Their materials mitigate factors that would have otherwise made an environment conducive for prickly heat rash.

For a clearer perspective, take a look at how heat rash develops and how bamboo sheets fit into the picture.

Dead Skin Cells and Bacteria: The Culprits of Heat Rash

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not sweating that causes the rash, but the accumulation of dead skin cells and bacteria in the skin. This accumulation clogs pores and sweat glands. When the ambient temperature increases, the body’s natural response is to cool off by producing sweat. With plugged sweat glands, however, the sweat is trapped just beneath the epidermis. This causes the skin to become inflamed. To avoid prickly heat rash, exfoliation and precautions against bacterial build-up on the skin are necessary.

Body Heat: The Trigger

If prickly heat rash forms because of clogged sweat glands, then it would make sense to avoid activities that make you sweat profusely. That is a reasonable assumption. But it doesn’t end there — you can also sweat while sedentary. Sleeping, for one thing, makes a person sweat a lot. Falling ill with a fever also does the same. In these situations, the best remedy is to use beds and bed sheets that allow air to circulate.

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Breathable, Hypoallergenic Sheets: The Solution

Bamboo bed sheets are excellent choices for those who want to avoid prickly heat rash because of two reasons.

First, they have antibacterial properties. Cozy Earth, a manufacturer of bamboo-fiber beddings, cites studies that prove the natural antibacterial property of the bamboo plant is also present in manufactured fabrics. A study published in the Journal of Textile Science & Engineering in 2015 also had similar findings. Researchers introduced Staphylococcus aureus onto a 90 percent, bamboo-blend fabric and found that it had lesser bacterial growth and activity compared to other fabric blends.

Second, bamboo sheets are silky yet cool to touch. They are also breathable and have strong wicking capacity. With bamboo-blend fabrics for beddings, people won’t feel overheated while sleeping. If they sweat, the sheets will wick away the moisture and keep the skin dry and fresh.

There are many ways to prevent prickly heat rash, but switching to the breathable, antimicrobial beddings can make the greatest difference.