Which Heat Pump Suits Your Home’s Swimming Pool?

Underwater photo of a swimming poolA swimming pool is a valuable investment that should offer maximum relaxation and fun. However, many Australians still consider the total cost daunting. For many residents in Perth, installing pool heat pumps is an essential part of the total cost. For many people, solar energy has become an alternative source for their pool heating system.

Solar Energy for Heating Swimming Pools

Have you ever left the garden hose in the sun for about one hour, only to realise later that the sun has warmed the water in the hose? This is how solar heating works, essentially. Solar pool heating uses a solar collector to heat the water. The filter removes debris before the water reaches the collector. The solar pump then circulates the water back to the pool.

Affordable Swimming Pool Heating

It all depends on the type of heater you want to install for your swimming pool. Heating using gas or electric power can increase your monthly energy bills. A solar heating system can be expensive to install but could save you a lot on your energy bills. If you consider electric pool heating, the monthly bills could be high, but it heats water efficiently. Gas heating is less expensive, but it is much better for smaller pools as it could take time to heat the pool.

Environmentally-Friendly Heating

Australians are more than ever committed to protecting the environment and choosing a pool heating system that does not significantly affect the environment. Though all pool heating systems are relatively environmentally-friendly, the best choice for a lower carbon footprint is a solar heating system. Consider your budget and what you can afford so you could make the best choice. Many Australians now recognise the value of a swimming pool in a property. It increases its value, and also provides exercise and entertainment to your family. But you need to consider all of these questions to know which one suits not only your budget but the property’s design and the pool dimensions.