Signs You Need a Roofing Expert

a man fixing a damaged roofThe roofing of your house keeps it secure and warm while giving your home an aesthetic finish. It is usually the first thing that most people see as they pass by or visit. If you are not sure when you need to have someone do a roof repair service in your home in Worcester, Massachusetts, here are a few indicators.


If your roof is leaking or letting in sunshine through some spots, this is a significant sign that it is due for repair. Leaks cause stains on the wall and also breed mold and fungi, which is a hazard in itself. Sometimes, leaks could also result in roof sagging because of the weight of the water. If the holes made by the leak spreads or worsens, you might have to do a complete overhaul of the entire roof.

Missing shingles

Roofing tiles generally have a lifespan and after a while, they may cave in and start cracking. Missing tiles should be a clear indicator of replacement. If it is a large batch of tiles missing, you may find it hard to see the same style, so a complete replacement may be necessary. You also wouldn’t want to have some tiles looking newer than others. Your entire roofing will look uneven and unattractive.

Blistering paint

Poor ventilation in certain rooms such as the attic can also lead to a build-up of moisture around the roofing line. It, in turn, damages the house, and you may start noticing that the paint is peeling off over time. To avoid the double expenses for repainting and roof replacement, ensure that you contact your roof repair company as soon as you see any signs of blistering paint.

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In some cases, you may also notice that there are granules that block your drainage or sit on the gutters. And, now that you know the indication of a roof needing repair, you do not have to wait until the damage becomes severe for you to hire a roofing expert. You need to contact a roofing expert immediately when you notice one or more of these indications on your roof.