Seven Ways to Accident-Proof Your Bathroom

photo of a bathroomDon’t be fooled; even though the bathroom is often the smallest room in a typical American house, it can pose the most hazards. In fact, according to a report by CNN, more Americans die in bathtub accidents than in terrorist attacks.

Nearly every day, a person in an American home drowns in a bathtub. These accidents, experts say, are due to alcohol intoxication or drug use while using the tub.

These accidents can be prevented by remodeling the bathroom to make it safer for the entire family. However, what stops many from doing so is the cost that comes with bathroom remodeling. Of course, the expense depends on what kind of renovation your bathroom will undergo and your bathroom size. But, on average, the cost ranges from $5.939 to $14,751. But, this is a good deal because while you invest in a bathroom renovation, you also keep your family safe. As a result, you avoid possible large hospital bills.

Invest in a Walk-in Tub

An increasing number of Americans, according to Mn Shower & Bath, “are removing their old, too high to step over bathtubs for a sleek, safe, efficient and accessible walk-in shower.” With a walk-in tub, everyone in your family can safely get in and out of your bathtub. It provides a more accessible entry point to everyone, especially if you have family members with limited mobility or seniors.

Apart from accessibility, walk-in tubs can be customized and with advanced hydrotherapy. For instance, you can have a whirlpool jet installed in your tub. The hydrotherapy option helps to ease muscle pain while soaking up in the tub.

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Install Grab Bars

Bathrooms can pose hazards for everyone, not just seniors or young children. That is why installing grab bars can benefit your entire family.

By installing grab bars, you add a tool to your bathroom to support a user’s weight. When walking into a bathroom, using the toilet, or entering a shower or tub, holding on to a grab bar gives you a better balance. As a result, you significantly reduce the chances of falls. Note though, that towel bars should not be used as an alternative to grabbing bars. The former can only support lightweight materials.

Add Rugs and Non-slip Mats

A considerable part of the bathroom floor, especially near the shower or tub, is constantly wet, and, it follows that it is also constantly slippery. It only makes sense to buy hard-wearing bathroom rugs and non-slip mats so everywhere you step in the bathroom, you don’t risk slipping. You should also make sure that they are securely placed so no one trips. Additionally, rugs can act as insulation, as they can provide warmth to your feet from the cold bathroom floor.

You should also clean and dry your rugs regularly as you don’t want mold buildup. Also, it’s smart to buy extra non-slip mats for when you clean the used ones.

Always Close (and open) the Shower Curtains

So what should you really do? Keep your shower curtains closed when showering. This way, you contain water in the tub, and it does not leak onto the floor. On the other hand, open the curtains when no one is using the shower. When the curtains are open, they air-dry faster. Meaning, there is fewer chances of mold growth.

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Keep the Bathroom Bright

Day or night, your bathroom should have adequate lighting. Take advantage of natural light and save on energy bills by installing a small window in the room. During the night, put a nightlight in the way leading to the bathroom. It’s also important to keep an illuminated switch within reach of everyone.

Accident-proofing your home may cost you some amount of money. But, this money is small compared to the investment you’re making: your family’s safety.