A Quick Guide to Buying Bathtubs for an Elderly Family Member

Middle aged woman relaxing in the tub

Many elderly require special care and attention from their family. In many cases, even the simplest daily chores are a challenge for them. This is particularly true with old folks who have disabilities and illnesses that make it extra difficult for them to move around and take care of themselves.

Bathtubs for the Elderly

Bathing, for example, can be challenging for seniors. People attending to their daily needs might also find it very hard to bring the elderly in and out of the bathroom. Fortunately, there are bathtubs designed for the elderly or handicapped to make things easier for everyone. They come in mobile, walk-in units with a door and built-in seat for easy, comfortable, and safe bathing.

Choosing a Tub

Not all elderly bathtubs are created equal. You must find a tub that best suits the needs of your senior family member. Start by choosing the ideal tub size. Most units available have the same size as standard tubs, but there are other smaller and larger sizes to fit users of all sizes.

Don’t forget your tub’s door type. Ideally, the tub’s door must be leak-proof. For added security and convenience, look for a brand that provides a warranty with their doors. Also, go for a tub with a door that opens outward, making it easier to step inside. Such units are perfect for those who use a wheelchair and those who are too heavy to be lifted into the tub.

There are ways to help make senior family members’ lives and more comfortable. One is by providing them with home furniture and appliances designed for their unique needs. Find a quality tub from a reputable brand and dealer and show your senior loved one that you genuinely love and care for them.