AIAPS believes that gardening and home is more than just an interest or a pastime – it’s a statement, a passion, an artistic expression of individuality. And AIAPS is more than just a magazine. We will provide you with an experience that lets out the artist and lover in you.

By presenting you with a weekly update about trends in gardening and interior living, from designs to practices, we are the number one source of information that help you improve and revolutionize your home.

Our website offers comprehensive, up-to-date and meaningful content discussing topics about garden and home grooming that help every home and garden owner obtain both knowledge and confidence to be the best owner – and artist – that they can be.

We are the best in the business for creating a platform where readers can easily interact with our staff, authors and other readers about their home and gardening concerns and questions.

Our mission is to create posts and blogs that teach, motivate and inspire all home and garden owners to be the best and most knowledgeable in their art and discipline of choice. We are also eager to push all aspiring home and garden aficionados in the right direction.

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AIAPS encourages everyone to send their ideas on how we can improve our content, services, and site performance. All suggestions, recommendations, and comments are welcome, so help us do better.

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