Carport Designs that Address Unique Needs

Carport in Sunshine CoastHaving a carport can be one of the best ways to utilise space in your home. Designing a great carport does not have to be a difficult or expensive endeavour, but it is essential to maintain your carport and make the storage of things easy.

Here are seven ways to design a unique carport:

Install Cupboards on the Walls

In case your carport is hardly wide enough to store all the things you want it to accommodate, one storage solution is to have cupboards on the walls. This gives you additional storage space without requiring additional floor space.

Use the Ceiling for Storage

Installing plastic bins on the ceiling will save you lots of floor and wall space. Label each of the bins to make it easy to identify where you have stored different things.

Have Racks for Plastic Totes

Plastic totes are a great and inexpensive way to store things in your carport. Install racks in your garage where you can place these boxes.

Construct a Tool Rack

Tool racks provide an easy solution for storing your shovels, rakes, brooms and other tools. Just Patios and other carport builders in Sunshine Coast may recommend having one built at the corner of your carport to easily find your tools and save space in your garage. You may also buy them if building the rack is not an option.

Add a Mudroom

You don’t want muddy shoes or jackets entering your house. Build a small cabinet and a rack on your carport for these items.

Install Private Storage

Ensure privacy for some of the things you store in your carport by building a pergola.

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Use Bright Colours for Walls and Floors

Your carport need not look dull. Improve the space by using bright colours for your walls, floor and ceiling. Forbes recommends colour schemes that make the space look bigger, if you have a small carport.

There are endless ways to design your own carport. Before construction, consider all the items you have, and plan for a good layout that works for your unique needs.